Have you ever wondered who feeds the stars of your favourite films while they’re filming? Founded in 1988, Crew Catering Ltd has fed some of the biggest names in the industry on some of the biggest films released in the last 25 years (such as Mama Mia, Stardust, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Love Actually, Thunderbirds and Inception to name just a handful).

Founded by Vince Jordan, two friends and the late actor, Bob Hoskins, Crew Catering has worked all over the world. “Bob loved his food so invested some money to help us start up,” Vince told Aspire. “He was only involved for a few years but he was a great bloke. We started catering in TV and slowly moved into the film industry. The industry has changed significantly in the last 28 years or so; big American companies are ploughing so much money into the industry to create such big productions, we can be catering for thousands of people each day, often starting at midnight and working through until 8pm.

“We provide all their meals to get them through the filming day from breakfast right though to dinner, with three or four choices for each meal. Menus have changed with the times; we used to cook a full English fry up with chips for the crew but we’re not making porridge with soy milk and blueberries. Each set is different though and the longer you’re there the more you get to know people’s tastes.

“English films often have much smaller budgets but we can still provide craft services (hot drinks, juices, smoothies etc.) to get the cast and crew through the day. Craft services is an American thing that’s grown massively in the past decade; we did our first craft services job in 2004 on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, a job I bid for purely because I loved the film as a child. The same goes for Thunderbirds; I had to be on those sets.

“Everything we produce is restaurant quality food, which we have to produce anywhere, even half way up a mountain or in the middle of a forest. We have to do what we have to do; no matter where we are you have to make it happen, as there are people relying on you for their food. Our trucks are state-of-the-art and cost an eye-watering amount of money. It gets hot and tight in the trucks but it is unlike any other job in the world.

“I’ve served a list of celebrities as long as my arm including Michael Cain, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Tom Hardy and Sir Anthony Hopkins to name a few. They were all diamonds, really nice guys who were exactly as you’d imagine. They had no airs and graces; they were really down to earth people who would chat to us as if we were friends – pure gentlemen. I’ve also served Joanna Lumley who is as beautiful as she is funny. Although there aren’t many stories I can share, I can tell you that one of the best films I’ve ever worked on was Mama Mia; we got to spend two months in Greece with the whole cast and crew and it was a fantastic experience. We would often spend evenings in a local bar, with the ABBA band members practicing on the piano and everyone singing along. We had such a good and genuinely fun time with all the cast and crew.

“We’ve worked all over the world, from Malta and Brussels to Antwerp; at the moment I have a team of 24 working on one set. Jobs could last as little as one day, to as long as six months; it’s very seasonal work but one of the only jobs that guarantees Christmas off work!”

Crew Catering have worked on a vast number of films including: Captain America, Thor 2, The Krays, The Da Vinci, Code, Basic Instinct 2, Goal, Johnny English, Jack The Giant Slayer, Prince Of Persia, The Wolfman, Jason Bourne 5, Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (out in September), Justice League (out in 2017) And more.

For further information, please call Vince on 07836 636252 or email crewcatering@aol.com Alternatively, please visit www.crewcatering.com